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Welcome to the Quality Management Site of the TVFA WIEN

With the accreditation certificate issued by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs GZ 92714/202-IX/2/96 dated 2nd December 1996, the TVFA WIEN has been accredited under the Accreditation Act BGBL.Nr.430/1996 as a testing and monitoring body in the fields of engineering and structural engineering.

In the field of structural engineering at a Federal State level, the TVFA WIEN was accredited by an official notification from the 17th April 2000, issued by the Austrian Institute for Structural Engineering, as a testing and monitoring body under the Vienna Building Products and Accreditation Law, LGBI for Vienna No. 30/1996.

With the change in the accreditation notification,

  • GZ 92714/212-I/12/02 from the 30th April 2002 (BMVA),
  • GZ 92714/507-I/12/03 from the 6th October 2003 (BMVA),
  • OIB-190-003/98-034 from the 21st June 2004 (OIB),
  • BMWA-92.714/5213-I7/12/2004 from the 27th September 2004 (BMVA),
  • BMWA-92.714/0222-I/12/2007 from the 4th September 2007 (BMVA) and
  • OIB-190-003/98-064 from the 1st of July 2008 (OIB)

issued on the basis of reviews of existing accreditation under the Accreditation Act, the TVFA WIEN was confirmed as a testing and inspection agency in the fields of mechanical and structural engineering.

The accreditation is entitled to the issuance of nationally and internationally recognized testing and inspection reports, which have the status of a public document. The accreditation as a testing and monitoring body requires a system that guarantees quality (Quality Management System), which was implemented on the 4th of March 1994 at the TVFA WIEN.

The Quality Management System directs all activities of the overall management, which in the context of a quality management system sets the objectives and responsibilities, and achieves these through the mediums of quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, quality management analysis and quality improvement. The necessary organisational structures, processes, and resources are documented in a quality management manual, recorded according to process, labour, testing and monitoring instructions and are continuously brought up to date. These records are accessible via the intranet of the TVFA WIEN, to all employees and colleagues online.

In addition, the system ensures the improvement of quality and the efficiency of activities and processes, with the aim of achieving additional advantages for the customers as well as for the TVFA WIEN.

QM Prozessdarstellung

The Institute for Testing and Research (TVFA WIEN), is affiliated to the University of Technology in Vienna (TU Vienna) and is active in assessment and inspection (formerly: observation), consultancy, surveying, the analysis of damage, development, research and the development of trainees.

The TVFA WIEN offers the highest quality services at home and abroad in both the fields of research and in accredited areas. For this, the TVFA WIEN has in addition to technical and administrative facilities, comprehensive and up to date equipment. The primary guidelines of our actions are the principles of high quality, the independence of our research and the ongoing optimization of processes

Our Clients are our Partners

After state authorisation, since 1996 we have been an accredited testing and inspection agency and have committed ourselves to a high standard and system of quality management. (EN ISO/IEC 17020 and EN ISO/IEC 17205). This secures precision, accuracy and the traceability of the assessment and inspection results. With our services, we support planners, manufacturers and the operators of machines, plants and civil works in the fields of engineering and the building industry in all questions of security, economic viability and quality. The TVFA WIEN is a centre of excellence for the application of substances on a high technical and scientific level.

As well as the assessment within accredited areas, research and development with highly qualified personnel can also be carried out. Owing to its proximity and long-lasting affiliation with the University of Technology in Vienna (TU Vienna), the TVFA WIEN acts as a link between industry and the institutes of the TU Vienna . The TVFA WIEN can operate, through cooperation with the institutes of the TU Vienna, as a “One-Stop-Shop”, that supports all questions of material application and design, ranging from standard experimentation to research.

The orientation of customers, proximity to customers and flexibility all count as much towards the critical factors for our success, as the legally prescribed objectivity and guaranteed reliability within the framework of the accreditation.

Our Employees are our greatest Asset

This is why we create the optimal organisational structures for them, which motivate the individual to perform well and allows he or she to participate in a good team spirit. Genuine partnership and a strong sense of personal responsibility cultivate security, openness and satisfaction.

We Bear Responsibility for Society

As a reliable partner of business, we guarantee the officials and the universities the delivery of our services at any given time, which issue on the basis of accredited testing and inspection reports and opinions, which serve as the foundation for decisions relevant to economic security. Therefore we contribute to legal security. Our research results form a basis for innovation with our partners.


  • Our clients are our partners
  • The special expectations of the clients and the agreed upon contractual contents are closely adhered to. 
  • Customer satisfaction in combination with objectivity determines our actions. 
  • The principle of the highest possible quality, the independence of our investigations and the continual process of optimization, are the primary guidelines of our actions.
  •  The activities are carried out in compliance with the most recent laws, standards and the state of the art in technology. 
  • All work will be carried out in a way that is to be expected from an accredited agency and establishment of the University of Technology in Vienna.
  • State of the art devices are used that conform to laws and specifications.
  • All work is to be completed within the agreed or expected time limit. 
  • The documentation of the results must assure, as far as possible, the reproducibility of the work.  
  • All assignments are organised in such a way, which allow for an exact execution or at least allow mistakes to be recognised in good time. 
  • We undertake to maintain the secrecy of the assignment and the content of the assignment, both in its physical and electronic form. (Data security)
  • During the execution of the activities, the objectivity of the results takes precedence over all other aspects.
  • The work of the accredited testing and inspection body is not influenced in any way by activities in the area of research. 
  • The TVFA WIEN is committed to comprehensive worker protection. 
  • A high priority is the active protection of the environment.



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