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The establishment of the TVFA WIEN in Vienna dates back to developments that began some 200 years ago and at the time of the opening of the polytechnic institute in Vienna in 1815 consisted of 11 faculties, or as we call them today, Work Groups. (AG). 

The establishment of the TVFA WIEN can be traced back to 2 faculties (to “Mechanical Technology” and “Mechanics and the Science of Machines”). Decisive were the developments through the leadership of the faculties as well as the foundation of law providing guidelines adopted by the State Council in 1910, regarding the authorisation of “technical investigation, testing and material testing institutions.”

Milestones in the History of the TVFA WIEN and its Co-Founders

J. Arzberger was the first Executive of the TVFA WIEN
The First Division of a Faculty

The faculty of “Mechanics and the Science of Machines” under its full professor and its first executive, was the nucleus of the TVFA WIEN as we know it today.
In 1899 the Faculty for Mechanics and the Science of Machines was divided into 3 faculties.

Ludwig von Tetmajer and Bernhard Kirsch set Milestones between the Years of 1901 and 1923
With the simultaneous decision of the council of professors to expand the mechanical-technical laboratory into a research centre, which was affiliated to the faculty of Technical Mechanics I and Building Material Science; Ludwig Von Tetmajer and Bernhard Kirsch assumed their respective roles as the founders and executives and trailblazers of the TVFA WIEN as we know it in its current form.

The Second Division in 1923, Paul Ludwik transfers Lectures in 1924
A division of the institute into the areas of “Technical Mechanics I” and “Building Material Science” occurred under the directorate of Paul Ludwik.
The lectures in “Mechanical Technology for Structural Engineers” and “Construction Material Practice” were transferred to Franz Rinagl in 1924. He became Paul Ludwiks successor as director of the Technical Research Centre from 1934 to 1945.

1949: A Change in Name of the Technical Research Centre to “The Institute for Technical Experimentation and Research”
Alfons Leon, Franz Rinagls successor, focused on the external documentation of the research activities, which led to it being renamed the “The Institute for Technical Experimentation and Research”.

Adolf Slattenschek directs the TVFA WIEN from 1952 to 1971
Thomas Varga is named Director of the TVFA WIEN in 1978
An immediate replacement for Adolf Slattenschek was a long time in coming; a fact that it is connected to the “University Organisation Law of 1975”, which did not include the “Institute for Technical Experimentation and Research”. The interim direction by Karl Lötsch (deputy director since 1961, as appointed by the minister of education), after Adolf Slattenschek was made an emeritus professor because of health problems, was handed over to Tomas Varga. He was subsequently named full professor of Welding Technique and Applied Material Science.

The TVFA WIEN today and in Europe, a new Organisation
With the introduction of the “Accreditation Law BGB1.Nr. 468/1992” a legal basis was established, which placed the research centre on a pan-European level.

In 1980, the TVFA WIEN obtained its own statute as a special academic establishment on a UOG-basis and was released from the Institute of “Mechanical Technology I” and “Construction Material Practice”, which was renamed the “Institute for Material Science and Material Testing”. In 1986 the TVFA WIEN department structure was approved and divided into 5 departments.

In 1999, with the introduction of the University Organisation Law (UOG), Univ.Prof. Heinz-Bernd Matthias was elected at the institute’s conference with effect from the 1.12.1999, as the institute director of the TVFA WIEN.

In February 2000, a new organisational structure was introduced unanimously on the 24.01.2000 by the Senate of the University of Technology in Vienna.
On the 01.10.2008, the reorganisation of the TVFA WIEN into the Institute for Testing  and Research (LTD) took place. Dr. Stefan L. Burtscher and Mag. Veronika Mares have distinguished themselves since 01.10.2008 through their responsibilities in management.